A true Cloud service, you have no servers to maintain or support. With the ability to access your data anywhere, Microsoft 365 allows you to be fully mobile and work from anywhere while also taking advantage of always having the latest version of Microsoft Office available to you.

Microsoft 365 is both highly secure and highly available with data centres across the world. It gives you control over where your data is located, which is essential to be compliant with GDPR.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • Protect business data with Microsoft 365 security tools

  • Secure data on personal devices

  • Manage all security and compliance on a single console

  • Enable flexible working with modern collaboration tools

  • Reduce cost and complexity by replacing third-party

  • applications

  • Speed up deployments with Zero Touch Provisioning

  • Advanced Threat Protection at email, application and desktop device level

  • Safe URL checking

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Centralised Signatures using Exclaimer
A centralised and easy to manage cloud-based solution for the provision of email signatures for Exchange Online. Be assured that all staff are using the correct signatures and add the same signature no matter how they send email – Outlook, Webmail or smartphone – as the signature gets added after they press send. Change all signatures easily and use email signatures to promote special offers.

We can provide a third-party backup for Microsoft 365 to provide the reassurance that you have better options should disaster strike.


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