Is your Office 365 secure?
Are there any misconfigurations?
Are the user permissions correct for your business?
Is there any plugin or add-on vulnerable?


Our certified professionals will conduct a comprehensive configuration review to identify any misconfigurations that may have occurred during the setup and configuration of the Office 365 environment. It is very common for issues to be found during this review and our team will help identify these threats and provide a comprehensive report that will support the mitigation of any of the threats identified.
The Configuration Review closely follows vendor and industry best practices and will include an in-depth review of the security controls available within Office 365. These include checking the following:
•            Appropriate Account and Authentication Policies
•            Configuration of Application Permissions
•            Data Management Policies
•            Email Security Configurations and Exchange Online
•            Securely Configured Storage Policies
•            Configuration of Auditing Policies
•            Mobile Device Management Policies


It is very common to find users with incorrect system access controls in Office 365, which can expose businesses to numerous threats. For example, having a high number of system administrators can increase exposure to possible threats.


Having multiple add-ons is also a threat to every business. If an add-on has not been tested thoroughly, there could be a gap in your security infrastructure, which could be exploited by cybercriminals. External plugins are not created by Microsoft, which means that the responsibility of the security lies with the application developers.